July 24, 2008

getcha groove(e) on!

the marc by marc jacobs dr q groovee satchel. loves it!

happy marc jacobs week! no, it's not the anniversary of the fabulous brand. on monday i got my wonderful, gorgeous, and apparently uber-coveted mj bag at the fillmore store!! and my friends, i just couldn't be any happier. simply marvelous this bag is. did i ever mention what a bag fiend i am? oh just you wait and see!

so, about the groovee. i didn't even know this style existed until i walked into the marc store one friday after work. my initial intent was to find a cute clutch for vegas (again, stay tuned for the recap). as i'm at the glass counter, drooling over all the pretty little purses and accessories, i get to chattin with the sales guy. we're talking about how grey is THE color of the spring/summer season and how it's gonna remain a key color for the fall. this was so my type of convo, you don't even understand. so then he points me to the wall of bags along the back and says most of those come in the grey color that we've both been raving about. and then the clouds parted and he showed me the groovee bag. now keep in mind if the display bag of this particular style was in grey, i would've noticed it in an instant. but i guess my eyes passed over it a little too quickly because the display bag was purple (as pictured above). but the minute i (re-) saw it and (re-) looked at the details/design, i just knew. I HAD TO HAVE IT. not only because it was so well made but also because it looked almost exactly like the miu miu vitello lux bag that i've been coveting for the last year!!! the only slight details missing from the marc design were the cute little bows on each side of the bag and the zipper placement. but other than that, it's perfect!

the miu miu vitello lux satchell. loves it!

so i ask my new bff, do you have one in stock in grey? my heart beat has seriously doubled in pace at this point. he goes to check his computer and comes back with a slightly sad slightly smirkish expression on his face. so i really have no idea what to expect. bad news - no grey in sf. good news - there's one last one in la! so i tell him to ship that puppy over stat! he takes down my info and tells me he's gonna call me the second it arrives at the store. sweet!

so a couple days go by and no word from my bff. then next thing i know i'm scrambling to get things done before leaving town. then shit, i'm actually in vegas and still no groovee. so i decide to call around to see if there's a marc by marc store in town, perhaps at the caesars forum shops. i call the marc store (which is an actual marc jacobs store, not the sub brand. have i totally lost you yet? haha!) and they tell me they're completely out of stock across the us except for the one in san francisco (because the color is a seasonal and won't be offered in the fall, at least for my particular bag that is). so i start freaking out. wait, my bag's in sf? why didn't i get a call? did they sell it off because i never came by to pick it up? i get on the phone with the sf store and luckily my bff happens to be working that day. he explains that my bag is safe and sound and that he was actually off work during that whole week, hence the no-call. big sigh of relief. then he adds that not only does he have it in sf, and not only is it the last one across the country, but it's also brand spankin new and never been opened! score! p.s. i have to add that i've also got a complex about getting the brand new never been touched bags and not the display ones, so this is even more exciting news. i know! i'm totally crazy.

so i tell him, monday, it's a date. i'll be there. protect that bag with your life. fast forward through vegas, fast forward through work that monday, and there i am, at the marc by marc jacobs store on fillmore and sacramento, standing at the counter, watching the manager on duty unwrap all the packing paper, plastic and tape from the bag (my bff was unfortunately off that day for a last minute emergency). she does the official hand off to me to inspect the bag, try it on, whatever i like. perfection. smiling ear to ear. wrap that baby up in its cloth duster and ring me up!! i swear i had a little hop, skip and a bounce to my step as i exited the store. right before i left i told the manager all about the wonderful work my bff did to secure the bag for me. hopefully he gets a raise or something for his fine salesmanship efforts. probably not, but a gal can wish. if anything i hope he feels good inside knowing he helped a bag obsessed girl like me get (one of) the bag(s) of her dreams. until we meet again for the release of the fall bags, my bff!

the end.

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