February 27, 2012

best dressed: oscars

you guys enjoy the oscars last night?  thanks to my dvr and ability to fast forward through commercials and boring categories/speeches, i sure did!  glad that billy crystal and the producers decided to go the simple route and focus the show on why we love movies and why we love going to the movies.  bravo, sirs.

now let's get on to the more important stuff!  no, not recapping the night's winners but recapping the best dressed!  nothing too crazy or controversial on the red carpet this year (except of course for ryan seacrest getting ashed by sasha baron cohen during the preshow! classic). here are my pics for best dressed of the evening......

(images via fabsugar.com)

gwyneth paltrow in tom ford
sleek. elegant. and she's wearing a cape without looking like a super hero! amazing design as expected by mr. ford.

octavia spencer is tadashi soji
she walked onto that red carpet and worked this dress like she already won. i totally teared up as she gave her acceptance speech (the only one i didn't fast forward through). props to her for sticking w/ designer tadashi soji for all her gowns this awards season. she knows what she likes, she knows what looks good on her and she looked incredible all season.

PS - look at that clutch! love love love.

milla jovovich is elie saab
i know i know, another white dress!  sorry, i can't help it, but these were the dresses that made me either gasp or take a second look to swallow up all the wonderful details!  this one's all about the structure and that impeccable shoulder.

michelle williams in louis vuitton
finally a pop of color!  :)  this dress was just so well made, i don't know what else there is to say about it.  that layered peplum and the cute little bow are two of my favorite details.  dresses like this make me want to be a designer just so i can learn how in the hell you make something as intricate as this.

honorable mention:  emma stone

you know i love emma stone's red carpet style, but this time it was less about the dress (beautiful but not jaw dropping) and more about her killer accessories. and her performance on stage with ben stiller as the overzealous presenter (she killed it!).

just look at that clutch and bracelet!!!  insane!  both made my louis vuitton, both drool-worthy accessories that i would kill for.

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