October 19, 2011

september & october playlsts

2 for the price of 1? that's right!

since i completely forgot to post last month's playlist and i just finished compiling this month's, why not share them all together? double the amount of music for your listening pleasure! :)


"hands" - the ting tings
shame on me for not realizing this was the ting tings the whole time i been rocking out to this song.

 "don't turn out the lights" - nkotbsb
i seriously didn't realize this was nkotbsb. as a die hard nsync fan, i feel a little guilty for imbibing in anything bsb. but pop is pop is pop is love.

 "don't keep me waiting" - britney spears
this is one fierce ass song. so fierce that marc jacobs only found it appropriate to use as the backing track for his spring/summer 2012 marc by marc jacobs show. whuuut.

"don't play no game that i can't win" - beastie boys x santigold
another goodie from that same marc by marc show. so. good.

"story of my life" - social distortion
i LOVE social d. that is all.

"back to december" - taylor swift
this song keeps coming up on my directv music channel and i can't stop singing along.

"walk away" - paula deanda
i never knew who sang this until it popped up on pandora. love.

"fever dog" - stillwater
if you know where this is from, then we can be friends. :)

"globe" - big audio dynamite
they performed on jimmy fallon. and well if jimmy likes them, me likes them. :)

"my body" - young the giant
they performed this at the vma's and i was hooked. would love to see these guys play in some small, intimate venue in the city.

and now, onto my october faves........


"angels" - robin thicke
this is the first dance song of kim kardashian and kris humphries from their wedding. and robin thicke was actually there to sing it to them. damn you kardashians.

"mr. know it all" - kelly clarkson
another one of those great angry power pop anthems

"we found love" - rihanna
the song's pretty good (gets a bit repetitive midway and to the end) but the video is pure drugged out madness

"helena beat" - foster the people
these guys continue to surprise me with their sound. such a great indie electro feel that's so reminiscent of mgmt.

"grand" - matt and kim
"daylight" - matt and kim
matt and kim opened for blink during (the west coast leg of) the honda civic tour and man is their energy infectious!! so amazing. i really really need to see them again live!!

"ghost on the dance floor" - blink 182
"heart's all gone" - blink 182
you swear i wouldn't have a couple blink songs on this month's playlist! come on now. i could easily put 20 songs onto the playlist after seeing them live again earlier this month, but i'll restrain myself and just put two of my faves off their new album. "ghost on the dance floor" feels like an evolved version of one of their older songs. mutt or first date maybe? and the frantic pace of "heart's all gone" just takes me way back to their early days. im actually really happy with their new album. lots of glimpses of their former fast paced, hard hitting, not so emo selves. :)

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