September 2, 2011

august playlist

whoops! it's already september 2nd and i never posted my august playlist! my bad!

here are my favorite songs from the month -

"skyscraper" - demi lovato
mildly obsessed with this song. this month, selena's out and demi's in. ok that's not entirely true because i still listen to the gomez like no other. but i gotta give demi lovato a high-five (or a hug?) for this track. such a great emotional song - i love that you can hear a lot of the pain behind her voice. well done ms lovato and welcome back to the pop world.

"you make me feel" - cobra starship x sabi
just another fun cobra starship song. sabi is the new leighton meester. well not really, just in terms of singing the hook for cobra. :)

"up, up, up" - givers
the givers performed on late night jimmy fallon one night and hooked me in immediately. if two door cinema club and vampire weekend had a baby girl, you'd get the givers. :) "up, up, up" is such a great uptempo song and i love that you could hear a hint of mgmt's "kids" near the hook.

"from where you are" - lifehouse
lifehouse tugging on your heart strings as only they could. that swoony raspy voice gets me every time.

"it's my time" - fabolous
this is the top track on my workout playlist. "go hard, today. can't worry about the past 'cause that was yesterday......gotta stay on my grind 'cause it's my time." seriously how can you not get amped up w/ lyrics like that. leggooo!

"tighten up" - the black keys
"howlin' for you" - the black keys
people, listen to the black keys. i just started listening to them again thanks to dj am. it's amazing how many bands he covered in his mixes that are so relevant that i continue to discover. DJ AM FOREVER.

"back to black" - amy winehouse
one of her best tracks. RIP.

"up all night" - blink-182
MY BOYS ARE BACK!!! ahhhh! the fact that this is their first new track in forever and they've got a new album dropping soon (9/27 to be exact)......i just.....i just.....have no words to express the excitement! i never thought it would happen. when these guys broke up and went in their separate directions with their own bands, i really didn't think they'd ever come back together. and that thought alone would kill me. kill me! it's hard to explain but i've adored this band since the summer of '97. dude ranch is in my top 10 fave albums of all time. tom's voice just pierces through my heart like no one else. then about 3 years ago, they announced their reunion and subsequent tour. and now they're releasing new music. suddenly, everything in my music universe is right again.

well that is, until *nsync gets back together. ;)

"stereo hearts" - gym class heroes x adam levine
my heart really is a stereo. sing it levine.

"it might be you" - kai
this one's dedicated to my friend cheryl. she just got married and walked down the aisle to this song. and i cried. and now i freakin tear up whenever i hear this song. oh great, thanks cheryl. :)

"the adventures of rain dance maggie" - red hot chili peppers
welcome back chili peppers. the rock world missed you.

"someone like you" - adele
this song breaks my heart into a million tiny little pieces.

"love on top" - beyonce
it's impossible to not smile and feel good while listening to this song. and beyonce took it to the next level when she performed it on the vma's. and then she showed the world her baby bump that really put her love on top. yes i cried when she did that. because it was the cutest effin thing in the world!!!

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