July 23, 2011

july playlist

"love you like a love song" - selena gomezselena. enough said. i love her like a love song, and i keep hitting re-pea-pea-pea-peat......

"who you are" - jessie j
"put it in a love song" - alicia keys x beyonce
"cannibal" - ke$ha

not gonna lie - i totally got into these songs because of so you think you can dance! :)

"bass down low" - devi like my beats fast and my bass down low. truth.

"far away" - tyga
"break my heart" - estelle
"spotlight" - gucci mane / usher

a little hip hop with an r&b hook, old and new.

"empire state of mind part II" - alicia keysa love song to new york, continued. makes me want to go back.

"please don't leave me" - pinkhave i mentioned how obsessed i am with the glee project?! they performed this song in one episode and i re-loved the song all over again.

"price tag" (acoustic) - jessie jthis is a repeat track, although it's the acoustic version. still obsessed with this song. i tweeted a few weeks ago about one of the 6th grade kids singing this while playing her ukulele. easily one of the best moments to come out of that summer school session. i miss them.

"my life" - robin thicke
"prettiest girls" - pharrell

just watched despicable me for the first time last week. what a fantastic movie. never knew pharrell was the man behind pretty much all of the music for the movie! these are two of my favorite tracks - love how upbeat and happy feeling these songs are.

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