January 19, 2011

video of the day

i know i posted this on both twitter and tumblr already, but well, i'm just that obsessed with this right now. a nice little country love song.

"give in to me" - garrett hedlund & leighton meester (from country strong)

come on, how amazing do both of them sound on this track! major major props to garrett hedlund especially because he didn't know how to sing prior to making this movie. that deep voice of his sent me swooning. :)

i caught country strong over the weekend. well actually, i only caught 3/4 of the movie because some lame ass teeny bopper(s) at the century daly city decided to pull the fire alarm and we all had to evacuate the theater. i really really hate going to that theater. this is the 2nd time i've been to a show and had my movie interrupted by a false alarm like that.

anyway, from what i did catch of the movie, it was pretty good. not amazing but not bad. just right there in the middle. i couldn't stop comparing it to "walk the line." similar storylines with the whole musician battling alcohol and drugs and trying to salvage their career. great cast, just not a very well defined storyline (too many side stories diluted the main one).

the music was of course fantastic. i don't listen to too much country, but some of the songs in the film make you forget that it's country just because they're so well written and arranged. i'm pretty sure i bought every single song garrett hedlund sang in the movie. :) he ain't too bad on the eyes either. :)

PS remember him from the movie "friday night lights"? definitely one of my faves then too. mostly because of that one scene when he dislocated his shoulder during the game, went to the sidelines, trainers pop it back in and the coach goes, can you go back in, and he sucks up the pain and is like, yeah, and goes in and rushes to get enough yards for a first down and puts them in good positioning for a TD to win the game (which they don't. oops, spoiler alert!), and then the drunk abusive dad at the end gives him his championship ring and is all, i'm proud of you son. sorry, that was one long ass run on sentence! but it was such a great scene! haha!

anyway anyway, check out country strong. just don't go to century daly city. :)

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