December 17, 2010

tiff's favorite things episode

not nearly as exciting and hysteria-inducing as oprah's favorite things, but here are mine. some have been on my wish list forever, some are new adds from this past year.

(PS thanks to le reegsta for inspiring the idea of today's post)

mulberry alexa bag
note: this is a hall of famer on my favorite things list. i need to find/marry me a mr. moneybags just so i can get my hands on this! well this and maybe a chanel vintage 2.55, hermes birkin and proenza schouler ps1 while we're at it.

miu miu vitello bag
another hall of famer. people, i have been *drooling* over this bag for the past 3 years! once my eyes spot a beautifully made bag such as this, it leaves a permanent imprint on my heart. i still remember the first time i saw it. on, spotted on the arm of vanessa hudgens. it was love at first sight. a slouchier top handle style, those subtle little bow accents on the sides, that color! i. die. it even prompted me to buy my first marc bag because it was the closest i could find to this. as much as i adore (adore!!) my marc, nothing compares to the original. and the gods that are net-a-porter have brought it back. just to tease me.

chloe pure paddington duffle
a late addition to the list. i've always liked chloe bags but never loved/coveted them. then this paddington duffle beauty came into my life and sent me swooning. you had me at tophandle, chloe. you really know the way to a gal's heart.

joseph gordon-levitt
$ priceless
since he can't really be bought and wrapped up in (nothing but) a bow, i'll take the next best thing. my two fave JG-L movies: inception and 500 days of summer. friends, if you've got a tom-like friend in your life, please do pass on my number, will ya. love + thanks in advance.

kinect / dance central
$199.99 (kinect) + $39.99 (dance central)
down. pump-pump. frenchy, frenchy. frenchy, frenchy. those damn commercials got me hooked. and now i wanna dance! oh and i guess i'd need an xbox for this too right? go ahead and add that to the list. :)

ever stebbins tea dress
ever can really do no wrong in my books when it comes to their dresses (they also make some amazing jackets). simple. stylish. throw on your favorite house of harlow necklace, some elizabeth &james booties and an oversized clutch by marc by marc jacobs and you're ready to go!

ysl wool/cashmere leopard print scarf
nope, that price tag ain't a typo. yes, i know, it's a scarf with a borderline 4-digit price tag. but just look how beauuuuutiful it is!

ps i made this
to fulfill my crafty side. PS i made this has been a long time favorite blog of mine and i was so excited to see her come out with a book. projects galore. what's not to love?

nixon dash watch
because everyone needs more nixon on their wrist. especially this digital beauty. simple designs will always win me over.

mac's "sweep me off my feet" brush collection
a gal can never have enough mac brushes.

Set of 10 records from DJ AM's collection
AM's homies are selling his prized records to support the DJ AM Memorial Fund which helps to fight drug and alcohol addiciton. DJ AM forever and ever, amen.

and last but not least......

canon ps90
been eyeing this camera for over a year now. a nice step above your simple point and shoot digital, like a compact sized slr.

so, what are a few of your favorite things?

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reegsta said...

dope scarf! And it's okay for me to like 500 Days too right? lol