December 16, 2010

4 months, the cliffsnotes version

bonjour! so....yesterday i updated my tumblr. which i hadn't done since september apparently. today i shall update my blogspot. which i haven't touched since august! oops!

where to start? seeing as how i can't remember ish these days, i'll have to consult twitter and tumblr to help shake the old memory.....

- played some flag football (and realized how horrible i was at it! sorry fellow porkchops!)
- said goodbye to my coworker (who i became great friends with) as she moved back to ny.
- 12 hour work days.
- reunited w/ my soccer bff and finally started going to games again (go quakes! go real! go usa!).
- smiths nights at milk = good. times.
- went on my first work trip to ny, reunited w/ an old college friend and tore up the town like we was still in college.
- minor foot fracture. thx again to the drunk biznatch who stepped on my foot w/ her stiletto heel!

- sittin on the dock(ers) of the more! farewell.
- played tour guide for all my family that suddenly came to town.
- giants > soccer. momentarily.
- went back to new york and fell in love with central park. and henri bendel.

- played tour guide for even more relatives pouring into town!
- hit the road and headed down to la la land.
- david. beckham. *swoooon*
- celebrated the nephew and niecey's birthdays.
- part time babysitter.
- went to my first niner game at candlestick.
- gave thanks for another great year and for every single person in my life.

- xmas decorating/shopping. i'm in an unusually christmasy mood this year. may be because i have time to enjoy it all. as opposed to past years, working til 9pm most nights, thx to a brutal retail calendar. i sooo don't miss prepping for sales meetings and market week!!
- slipping into slacker mode but trying not to make myself feel bad for it. at least for now.
- resumes, resumes, resumes
- prepping for the new year to come........ are you?

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