August 21, 2010

random stream of consciousness (or the RSOC, if you will)

the rsoc, fashion edition:

(from yesterday): staring at my coworker's owl pendant necklace during a meeting and thinking to myself, that pendant is so last year. i'm such a bitch.

currently obsessed with building my bracelets and bangles collection. house of harlow and cc skye are calling my name.....

browsing through piperlime's "girl on a budget" handbag section and well, i'm just not that inspired. i'm such a bag snob.

desert boots. i'm kinda into it. always reminds me of the designer that used to work with my team. she was the quintessential marc jacobs girl. and she adored a great desert boot - both men's and women's. i miss her.

i'm still loving this hazy jade green look for accessories and nail color. ever since chanel introduced the color in their nail polish collection in spring '09 i haven't been able to get it out of my head.

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