August 24, 2010

fall bags, part 1

hello fall fashion! i've been waiting for ya. the oversized fashion publications. the onslaught of boots in every imaginable shape, height and color. and best of all......the new handbag lines!

site of the day: here are a couple of my faves -

marc jacobs - paradise rio bowler
mr. jacobs can do no wrong in my book. always delivers a beautiful classic. fell in love with this color.

balenciaga - baby diam classic velo
a slight update to the classic moto. great color.

proenza schouler - large ps1
just a color update for the new season, but a continued classic. i've been in LOVE/LUST with this bag since it was first introduced about 4 seasons ago. i still think proenza schouler set the briefcase-inspired bag trend and all other labels are still playing catch up, trying to produce their own version of this exact bag.

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