April 27, 2009

jam of the day

Keri Hilson / Kanye / Ne-Yo - "Knock You Down"

keri hilson is blowin up right now! she came out strong as hell partnering up with lil wayne on "turnin me on." now she's tapped kanye and ne-yo for "knock you down." kinda hard to believe this is the same chick from that timbaland track!

loving this "knock you down" song though. i keep seeing it on the music video channels on my cable and i turn the volume up every single time it comes on. ne-yo's got the magic touch, man. he can do no wrong! insta-hit when you throw him on a track!


sb said...

the best part about this video is the kanye-keri hilson-ne-yo love triangle....oh, and the idea of kanye as a "painter."

i discovered this vid during one of my sleepless nights in nyc


reegsta said...

remember i played this song for yall at the JEW concert?? But I don't think I like the song as much as Jefe does lol.