March 16, 2009

what are you doing?

twitter usage goes up, while blogger and facebook usage go down. my bad!

so blogger looks just about the same, but facebook? not so much. why must they change the format again? i was just starting to get used to the old one! and anyone else notice how they changed the status update question from "what are you doing?" to "what's on your mind?" haha. score one for twitter!

so my mom's in the PI for the next 3 weeks and damn am i missing her cooking. realized just how spoiled i really am! i kinda like this quiet time in the house though (well technically my uncle's still around but he's always out doing his own thing). at least now i need to fend for myself........or go to my brother's place to eat. ha! what a mooch i am.

work trying to find a new way to re-motivate myself. kinda hard to do in these trying times, especially when retailers continue to struggle. in actuality i should be re-energized and thankful to have a job right now, but it's hard to find the silver lining when the workload continues to be almost unbearable.

speaking of retailers though, i hit up hillsdale this past weekend and it was one of the most depressing little shopping excursions i've encountered in quite a while. the mall was dead. on a saturday.

okay enough with the debbie downer moments. on the plus side......

ummmm.....i'm still obsessed with twitter! haha! and i got to visit their headquarters on friday! friday actually turned out to be a fun little day. half day of work (score!), lunch time visit to the twitter headquarters where cheryl now works and got to meet one of the co-founders biz stone (another point!), went shopping and took advantage of F&F weekend at gap/ON. between those two stores i picked up 3 pairs of pants, 6 tops, 2 scarves all for under $200. not too bad, eh? score another 2 points - 1 per store! then met up with phil to sell off some of his clothes at crossroads and then we hit up hard knox for some dinnertime chow. the night almost went to shit after we drove around clement street for 30-40 mins looking for parking but just when we had given up, we scored some rock star parking right in front of the place (as the guys say, FTW!). actually i think the real FTW moment was when i convinced phil to join twitter while we were driving around the city! haha.

i should end this post on that positive note. and with that, i say adieu.


sb said...

1. i think we should have a 30goingon13 soiree while you have the house *almost* all to yourself...we can watch hsm & twilight....yay yay

2. way to stimulate the economy with some f&f love. did you get the scarves from gap? can you believe i worked in the stores on friday?!?

3. i love hard knox. i love twitter. and i love you, my blgosphere partner in crime!


reegsta said...

kudos for saying FTW not once but 2wice!