March 18, 2009

Breaking Down the Madd Blogger

In defense of twitter.........

Since le reegsta had to put it on blast, i felt it was my obligation to share a couple of my thoughts on the matter, especially since i'm a fellow blogger but also an avid twitter user. so here are my thoughts, peppered in within his original post below (in italics). hope ya don't mind the re-post reegs!

It kinda sucks that all these micro-bloggers pretty much took over the blogosphere.
I don't think it's taken over the blogosphere necessarily as it's just having its one shining moment. right now. and everyone is talking/blogging/tweeting about it. right now.

Are people's attention spans not capable of taking in more than 140 characters at a time?
No - our attention spans are getting shorter and need for information more immediate than ever.

WTF is a tweet anyway? Only Tweet I know is that one singer who Missy put on a few years back.
tweet = n. 140-character post or v. to post in 140-characters or less. reason for the limitation is to allow people to receive tweets via text on their cell phones, enabling the site to be of use while you're on the go, or mobile.

And I know I'm guilty of pasting notes into Facebook, but I've learned. All of you blogless people using FB to put up a pseudo-blogs need to recognize the real. Shoot truthfully if you don't have an actual blog, then I'm not even tryna read what you wrote. Yes I'm mad doggie.
people post status updates or tweets for various reasons. why can't they share their thoughts via FB or twitter, regardless of how trivial? why must blogging be the end all for expressing oneself to the world around them?

I don't know why, but all these 60 second blog thoughts kinda bug me. I know I don’t have anything substantial to say usually, but I've created my own space, generated my own followers and retained my own readership. It's pretty easy to have instant followers when you add everyone you vaguely know on these social networking sites.
i'm actually with you on this point and don't agree with the whole concept of racking up the number of friends/followers you have, whether it's myspace, facebook, blogger, or twitter. that's all pointless in my eyes and a false sense of validating oneself. all these sites make us very narcissistic as is, but "collecting" friends/followers is on a whole other level.

I'm tired of reading pointless, forced and statuses that are trying too hard. My ish be more John Blaze than that. Yes I've toiled in the virtual world trying to carve my niche via my weblog, but damn, its getting oversaturated up in here. I liken it to American Idol syndrome, and just because there's a medium, it doesn't mean you could sing!
this is where i start to disagree. who's to say who's real and who's not, what's post-appropriate and what's not? to each their own. if someone wants to blast on twitter that they're taking a shit and that's all they talk about, then do it. will i follow that person and continue to receive their tweets? not so much. i think the whole point of blogging and tweeting is to give a person a different kind of voice or forum to be heard. some people may be writing to be insightful, others just talk about the random incidents of their day, others reporting up to the minute news/info/gossip. twitter won't replace blogs. it can't. if you look at people's tweets, you'll see that many of them post links to their actual blogs or links to other sites. sites/blogs/tweets - they all go hand in hand from my understanding. what i love about twitter is that it's all very of the moment, right here right now, a constant stream of information right at my fingertips, ready to view when i want to.

personally, i love that twitter covers off on most of my interests that i read online anyway, all in one easy feed. it saves me the trouble of having to open each of these websites or blogs one by one to see if they're updated. national news, local news, gossip, entertainment, fashion, pop culture, day to day life of public figures - all neatly configured on to one site where i can pick and choose what i'd like to note to self and where applicable where i can click on a link and read on further. yes, some people's posts are mundane (many of mine admittedly fall into that category), but who cares? let it be what it is.

and keep in mind, this is just my perspective and what i specifically use the site for. i'm definitely not speaking for the masses. some people only follow their friends and use this as a new way to communicate. stores use it to promote their product or inform the public of upcoming sales. 7x7 magazine continuously posts last minute happenings in the city. there's a user called emergency_in_sf who posts up to the minute news on any accidents, fires, hazards in the city as it's happening so that people in the city know where to stay away from to avoid traffic or even if their own area is in danger. that kind of information was not readily available to the public and in real time like this, before twitter.

Just as essays morphed into articles, then into blogs, then into status updates, then into tweets, then what? Actually, I'd rather see just one word updates. Maybe it'll improve our collective deteriorating vocabulary. Kinda like how albums nowadays rely on a song or 2 with a catchy hook, micro-blogs are ruining the art for me. Your voice is muddled among the other commoners vying for my attention.

So…I wonder how long it'll take me to sign up for twitter?
i retract my previous attempts to lure you onto twitter. sign up if you want, but i do recommend trying it out before being so quick to knock it down. there are other uses to twitter beyond the facebook-style status update.

quickly climbing off the soapbox now. :-)


Cheryl said...

wow. tiff. wow. i think you need to be the next President of Twitter. thank you for keeping Ev & Biz's dream alive! and dayam reeg, i didn't know you felt this way...glad i told you i went off to work at Twitter! hahaha. :P

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sb said...

you make me so proud! i am so glad you love the twitterverse as much as moi and defended our little coop!

way to go t!!!