March 9, 2009

twitter me this.....

is it just me or is everyone talking about twitter right now? or am i just noticing it more since i'm a (too frequent) user?

today i noticed with some of the people i'm following (celebs, news resources, music/fashion/ent resources), their # of followers has just skyrocketed within the last day or so. it's crazy to see this all happening. in real time. and i think that's the biggest draw with this service - it's very right here, right now. a constant stream of information at your finger tips. seriously, lately i've just been amazed by this site.

it's also pretty cool that the ceo/inventor/co-founders of twitter are all right here in SF. nothing like supporting the local boys! check out their twitter pages. maybe you'll even run into them somewhere in the city. then you can twitter all about it. as will they perhaps! :-)

Evan Williams, CEO - (or @ev)
Jack Dorsey, Inventor - (or @jack)
Biz Stone, Co-Founder - (or @biz)

also check out this talk that Evan Williams delivered just last month at the TED conference down in Long Beach. good stuff.


Cheryl said...

yeah tiff! i agree! they're everywhere! thanks for the plug...i'm making sure you get a twitter tshirt! haha. :)

reegsta said...

for some reason reeg is anti-twitter. but i'm sure i'll come around lol