March 10, 2009

just do it

not sure if you caught the latest from my twitter feed on the right but my goal today is to get off work on time and hit the gym. i like how i decided to log off twitter to keep from getting distracted yet here i am on blogger instead! just can't seem to get focused these days. :-)

anyway, i decided that i need to stop procrastinating, suck it up and get my ass to the gym. i've been wanting to sign up for a HALF marathon (inspired by le reegsta, mos jef, rach, g, mark and all them other loyal runners) and i really need to get my butt in gear. still haven't decided if i'll try for the sf marathon in july though, especially since i just found out it's the morning after the no doubt concert! maybe i'll stick to the nike women's marathon in october instead and give myself a few extra months to train. baby steps, people. frightened little baby steps. :-)

so if all goes to plan today, my schedule should look a little like this:
now to 5:30 - work work work
6:30 - gym time
8:00 - target time - to check out the alexander mcqueen line and to pick up a copy of new found glory's new disc (which was produced by mark hoppus! woo!)

ok, i swear, no more distractions from here on.

logging off...... :-)

1 comment:

reegsta said...

i signed up for the nike marathon too. too bad its a lottery lol