February 16, 2009

to twitter or not to twitter.........

that, my friends, is the question.

i just don't know if i can keep up with all these modern forms of communication! my current checklist as follows:

email - via yahoo
phone/text - via verizon/lg
blog #1 - via blogger.com
blog #2 - via blogger.com

to even think of adding twitter to the mix is to think myself crazy for adding yet another portal into my (admittedly not so exciting) life!

but it looks oh so tempting. like a shiny new toy. errr, in my case, a shiny new handbag would be the more appropriate and accurate term. :-)

but to blog is to twitter, only in so many words, right?

i'll have to ponder a little longer.

1 comment:

sb said...

i will tell you (in secret) at least 5 resons you need to twitter.