February 15, 2009

kickin it old school

happy belated valentine's day!

so i put this little playlist together, fully inspired by one of the best old school slow jam mixes i've heard in a while that was on kmel on friday night. it was rainy out, i was driving home from work, and all these slow jams kept coming on the radio one after the other that took me back. i even had to sit in my car in front of my house for a few minutes because i just couldn't tear myself away from these songs and stop singing! :-)

so.....sorry this is a little late. i meant to post as a valentine's day present to you, my dear readers, but it actually took me a little bit to compile these. plus i kept getting distracted and kept playing some of these songs over and over because i just couldn't get enough.

i must say, i'm a bit proud of this little playlist. i know it doesn't even break the ice when it comes to all those great r&b songs that came out in the 80's/early 90's, but hopefully this is enough to just take you back in time, for just a moment, to those simpler days of yore.

28 songs for the 28 days in the month of love.

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reegsta said...

i think i'm like 22/28 on the ReegPod