December 23, 2008

you know you love me. xoxo........

you know i'm talkin bout gossip girl!! finally caught up on my gg over the weekend and i need more! more! more!

i'm so proud of this little show. even in its second season, the writers haven't skipped a beat - the storylines and dialogue never disappoint. although i was a tad worried at the beginning of the season with the whole nate/duchess/blair/prince vs chuck storylines. but then the writers brilliantly took it another direction with the humphrey kids almost turning to the dark side - little j almost selling her soul to the fashion devil (agnes be thy name) and lonely boy almost exploiting the bart bass empire to further his writing aspirations (thankfully dan just exploited all of chuck's daddy issues to the big bass himself).

then just when i was really starting to loathe this whole nate hearts little j storyline, they nix it and bring nate back to who he was supposed to be with all along, vanessa! hooray! by the way, nate = manwhore. he's gone from serena/blair (slept with both circa season 1) to vanessa (didn't sleep with) to duchess (slept with for money!) to jenny (just a makeout sesh, thankfully) and back to vanessa (who he probably slept with in the limo on the way home from the snowflake ball seeing as how she was practically nekkid anyway in that sheer dress). at least chuck keeps it outside the friend circle, w/ the exception of blair of course.

speaking of which, somebody tell me why i was BALLIN during the last episode with all the back and forth between blair and chuck. daddy bass dies, chuck of course goes on a bender, blair reaches out to him to help and admits she loves him. chuck walks away and leaves her devastated, blair falls apart in front of her future step dad of all people (that's the part that really got me teary-eyed), then chuck comes back to her only to leave again the next morning! if it were any other pair, i'd probably think this storyline has dragged on too long, but considering the nature of both their characters, the back and forth actually makes sense.

what doesn't make sense? mr. pseudo-polygamist art boy + serena. let's get rid of him pronto, writers. s + lonely boy forever!

and to end things with a bang, we have the original s + lonely boy. their parents, rufus + lily. just when we thought the stars were aligned for these two, they encounter yet another road block when rufus asks the all-revealing 'was it a boy or a girl' question. omg!

p.s. best LOL moment of these last few episodes = dorota's ringtone. "i'm a slaaave, for you." oh my frikkin god, i just about died of laughter from that scene. perfection.

so are you just gagging from all this teen drama? or lovin it all like i am!

don't even get me started on the you-know-what books. i've been purposely sparing you all the details into that wicked obsession of mine. :-)

and since i'm still in teeny bopper mode as i continue to write this post, yes i did watch the hills season finale last night (even though i missed the last 5-6 eps leading up to it!). total dud. totally predictable. they gave everything away in the previews and lead up to the finale. i had the show on mute most of the time because i can't stand spencer's voice (p.s. do make sure you watch the soup - joel mchale loves ripping apart spencer and his flesh colored beard!). but i will say that brent bolthouse takes the prize with my fave moment of the episode. while at "work" heidi reveals that she got hitched in mexico over the weekend and the bolthouse's reaction? a pause........and then a "well, okay then.......". she was fishin for a congrats but you didn't take the bait, bolthouse! props.

okay, let's jump out of the teenage bubble now. in case i don't get to check in before the holidays, merry christmas and happy new year!


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