December 17, 2008

pieces of me

i work too much. got out at 9pm tonight! ughhhhh! should be going to bed right about now, but i'm blogging and in a short while i shall be reading you know what. :-)
seriously i have zero time to finish my christmas shopping! 
christmas is frikkin next week?!!
thankfully next week's a short work week. but the time between now and then seems like forrrrever with all the crap i need to get done!
bought the common album. never opened the common album. lost the common album. ugh.
bought the britney album. obsessively listening to tracks 2 & 3. still haven't listened past track 9 or so. welcome back brit! april can't come soon enough!
still need: the killers, maroon 5, musiq (ahem, le reegsta!).
re-listening to jt's futuresex/lovesounds - was totally jammin to "chop me up" at work today, haha!
also been listening to a lot of koit-type artists on my itunes lately.  some recent plays - a few selections from hall & oates greatest hits ("i can't go for that" = best h&o song EVER!), fleetwood mac's "dreams" and some van morrison)
i eat at mickey d's a little too much, more out of convenience than anything else. i know what i'll be giving up for lent this year!
wow, 2008's almost a wrap folks!
to resolute or not to resolute for 2009? is that the correct verb form of resolution because i totally just made that up.
did you know that gg's dan humphrey was in john tucker must die as the other tucker brother? yes, i was shocked as well, more by the nasty long curly coif he was sporting than the actual cameo. 
i bought another m by mj bag this week. yes, i know i have a problem. i may or may not blog about it (the bag, not my shopping habit) in more detail. again, i don't wanna make any promises. :-)
and on that note, it's time for bed.
sorry for the jumbled, unorganized post. too lazy to bullet or gather my thoughts in a more cohesive manner. maybe next time.
or maybe not. :-)

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reegsta said...

how did u lose common? yeah i got them albums for u. maybe 'resolve'? it sounds like 'resolute' works though? i got a pair of levi's the other day.