October 21, 2008

want! want! want!

* courtesy of urbanoutfitters.com

With this compact DJ Mixer for your iPod, you can truly mix it up! Create your own unique sound using two iPods. Work the cross-fade slider to blend two separate tracks or create fade-in and fade-out effects. Built-in Cue channel lets you monitor the faded source through your headphones; SPIN knob simulates the scratch feature on a DJ turntable; Record music to a computer through stereo audio cables (software not included); Connector design on the mixer can be moved up and down to fit any generation of iPod. Get mixing! Imported. Wipe clean.
* 8"w, 7"h, 2"d
* Plastic, electronics

this is totally going on my christmas wish list!!!  nothing super fancy, but looks like so much fun to play with! i got me an ipod touch and a nano that i can hook it up to. 

gimme gimme!!

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