October 21, 2008

cutie patootie of the day

* pic courtesy of perez

aren't you just getting sick from all this cuteness!  first the jo bros and now zacky boy efron, who just celebrated his 21st birthday a few days ago. gots to love those side swept bangs of his. swoon!  haha!! just look what the new kids have done to me. i've gone back in time and turned into a crazed 16 year old!

damn, there ain't nothing on the tube on tuesdays (i've officially given up on 90210). i'm so bored!!! i really should get to bed early tonight since i got a jam packed day of meetings and presentations to work on tomorrow. yay!  which reminds me. you must peep this vid i happened upon this weekend.

madtv does powerpoint.

as someone who works on stupid powerpoint presentations WAYYYYY too much for her job (i seriously don't know how i get stuck doing presentations instead of our admin), i was dying of laughter throughout this clip. would love love love to throw one of these gags into a presentation one day.

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reegsta said...

given up on 90210?! say it ain't so!