September 8, 2008

topshop til you drop!

topshop's us website is finally up and running!!!!!!!  hooray!!!!!


you just don't know how excited i am about this! i LOVE topshop. it's like a more condensed, boutique version of h&m/forever, but a little more expensive and stepped up, with quality pieces that aren't so cookie cutter. they're based out of the uk and i've always been too chicken to try and buy anything from overseas, one because i don't shop for clothes/shoes online very often because i can't try them on and i don't like going through the hassle of returns. and two, because i just didn't understand how the currency thing works out when making purchases online through an international site. :-) i'm sure it's all totally fine, but like i said, chicken.

anyway, they finally launched a us site, something LONG overdue. and in november they're opening the first us store in new york. looks like i'll have to plan another trip out east!  it's gonna be nuts during those first few weeks. and it's right before the holidays too. think i'll wait until the spring to visit. 

gotta go and (top)shop to my little heart's content!

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