September 5, 2008

video of the day, vma edition

* vid courtesy of msn/perez

ummm......this is effin awesome! i was already excited about the vma's, as i am every year. but this totally bumped it up a notch! 

i watched this like 5 times already! very impressed at the overall length of the dance sequence. i like how it's not, okay do 2 counts of 8, then freestyle/gyrate/whatever for a little bit, then get back into another set of 2 counts. it was step after step after step. i'm just sitting and waiting for her to get back to her bad ass pre-federline days when she used to tear it up on stage. like this!

let's hope this vid truly is from her rehearsals for the vma's. already, what a huge improvement from last year right!

we're rootin for ya brit!

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