September 4, 2008

just for the record -

it's 9:21 pm on a thur night and i'm still at work.
my ass and my back hurt from sitting in my chair for too long.
my eyes are going cross-eyed, vision's getting a little blurry. (but i'm still blogging!)
i need to finish up these sketches! woe is me for being a perfectionist.
i have a 2-hr meeting tomorrow morning. at 8am. shit!
did i eat lunch today? it's been so long i can't even remember!
i'm actually not the only one here. one more person in attendance.
it's kinda creepy being in the office this late.

ok i need to go home. just needed to put this on record that i'm actually stupid enough to be here this late. so that later on in time, after i've won the lotto (or marry a gazillionaire) and i'm relaxing by the beach with my laptop, i can read my old blog entries and be all, what a silly girl i used to be, working in corporate america until the wee hours of the night. and then sip on my mai tai and lounge on my thousand dollar beach chair on my private beach.

what the hell am i talking about?!! time to go.

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