August 14, 2008

video of the day

Wow.  This is pretty great to see.

* Vid courtesy of MTV's ABDC blog

Come on, you already know who to vote for. No need for me to blast it all over again.

Call 877-RJ CREW 2
Vote online:  Click Here

P.S. The final two show would've been a BAZILLION times better if Fanny Pak were around, regardless of who they were up against. But you knew that already didn't you! Miss ya FP! Can't wait to see what they come up with for next week's season finale!!

P.P.S. Keepin' it not only in the ABDC family but also the blog fam, a little shout out to fellow blogaholic rolsuno, throwing another one of his crazy parties in the city tomorrow night.


get live  x  invisible stripes

Get the gear you saw Supreme Soul (and the rest of the abdc crews) rockin all season long HERE.


rolsuno said...

thanks for the plug. why didnt u attend..its was pretty crackin..

tiffanyblue said...

sorry i missed out. got home late from work and just ended up crashing that night. saw some pics - looks like i def missed out on a good party!