August 14, 2008

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women's gymnastics all-around competition.

been tuning in and out of the olympics all week. gymnastics has always been my favorite. we got the women's all around tonight and just had a couple of quick (and random) thoughts.

 - it's 2008 and these gymnasts are still wearing scrunchies!!? for real? i'd like to speak to the IOC (international olympic committee) about this one.
 - is it just me, or is the music in the floor routines totally pointless and unnecessary these days. may as well throw the tunes out since there really isn't any performance factor anymore when it comes to this exercise. it's just tumbling passes one after another like the men's side.

 - you know who used to be a bad ass on floor? kim zmeskal. oh yeah, i just went old school '92 olympics on yo ass! haha! but seriously, she always demonstrated great showmanship in her routines in addition to the strong tumbling skills. 

and once again youtube comes through.  travel with me back in time, to the '92 barcelona games......

you just don't see fun routines like this anymore. 

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reegsta said...

dominique dawes & shannon miller > kim zmeskal. i hella vividly remember KZ on Arsenio or something in preparation of the Olympics though lol.