August 7, 2008

Site of the Day

if you know me, you know i like my quotes. i've been collecting them for years. since high school. i thank my lacrosse coach for jump starting my collection. before every single game, she would give each of us a motivational quote on a strip of paper and we'd stick it in our sock to keep with us throughout the game. i passed this tradition onto my players when i coached at davis.

anyway, i just saw the wackness last night (more on that later. GREAT GREAT indie flick) and i went to google some lines from the movie because there's this one line that just stuck to me. and i know bits and the general jist of it, but need the exact words. so i'm still searching for it but during the course i came upon this site - 

great collection of movie quotes. also go to their blog for some great lists of quotes from various categories. "13 best movie quotes about coffee" or "10 smartest movie quotes of 1998." just across the board.

get your inspiration on.

EDIT:  found it! take a look around, see if you can spot it.  :-)

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