August 20, 2008

LOL pic of the day

*pic courtesy of justjared

major L- to tha O-L!!!!

yes, my friends. that is jessica simpson. in a beer ad. for something called stampede light plus. say what now?

so how many things can we count that are just plain wrong (yet hysterical) about this here ad....

1) jessica simpson + beer?
2) the beer name itself
3) the word smart in big bold letters. interesting word choice for someone of simpson's aptitude
4) ummm, she's sitting in the back of a truck against some haystacks.....
5) .....with a whore-ish expression on her face. seriously girl, close the mouth before a fly gets up in there.
6) it's yet another desperate attempt by joe simpson to force his daughter into the world of country music. 

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