July 31, 2008


so abdc's on tonight and it's missy-focused. and supreme's out. which sucks. because they would've put together a kick ass routine. seriously sucks that they're dunzo. i think boogie and fanny are on the chopping block. remember, don't go to mtv's abdc blog tonight if you don't wanna spoil the elimination for yourself. you've been warned!

movies i wanna see -
- the wackness
- pineapple express
- sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 - is it bad that i really wanna see this? :-)

totally over -
- miley cyrus. did you see that youtube vid she made making fun of the wizards of waverly place girl? miley vs. selina (rumored to be fighting over a jonas brother) is the new lindsay vs. hilary (they fought over aaron carter of all people. gag). ok, why do i know so much about disney feuds? seriously.

albums coming down the pipe that i'm excited about -
- robin thicke
- ne-yo

shows premiering soon, also pretty excited about -
- the hills! woo hoo! love/hate relationship with this show, as always.
- making the band. yay for laurie ann's return!!
- i wanna work for diddy (i think that's the title)

shows currently watching that i've been surprisingly entertained by -
- i love money (go stallionaires! and for some reason, i heart whiteboy. haha!)
- from g's to gents (still trying to catch up on this one, but kinda funny so far)
- wipeout (definitely nowhere close on the funny meter to spike's MXC, but still love seeing a good, painful wipeout).

fave shows besides abdc -
- run's house! it took a little while for this show to grow on me, but now i totally love it!
- my boys (on tbs). love love this show. great cast, great writing.

show that needs to be yanked quick -
- buzzin

recent cd/dvd purchases -
- jason mraz
- santogold
- my-so called life season 1 dvd (unfortch the show never made it past season 1. one of the great tragedies of my adolescent youth).

next handbag on my radar -
- semi-slouchy hobo in either brown (super dark, deep brown) or a lighter tan/camel color. will have to wait for the fall lines to hit stores. seen some around but they've been too boho w/ the fringe detailing or vintage embellishments.


rolsuno said...

"my boys" is a fresh show. and that chick is cute in a weird way. haha

rolsuno said...

we need to gather all the peeps who smoke herb to watch PINEAPPLE EXPRESS..u know reegs, alan and jefe are down.. lets do this!!!