July 31, 2008

dear randy, please fire lil mama, love the abdc community

let's kick things off with the positive first......

fanny pack is insane!!! say what?!!!! by far the best of the night. i was on my feet yelling by the end of their routine. it was for real something straight out of a missy video. so creative. so on the money. who would've thought this group would go so far and just blow everyone away like this. wow. i seriously voted for them like 20 times tonight!


super crew! they also had a great routine! what a perfect song for these guys. watching their routine the first time through, i enjoyed the end half more than the beginning. but watching it again on the repeat, it was actually really well performed and well choreographed start to finish. just little things like when they popped their bodies out (off a handstand, mind you!) when missy goes "OH!" in the lyrics or dangling one of their guys off the stage at the very end - just super duper entertaining shit.

ok now let's get to the boogie bots.......

there is no question or doubt that instead of supreme soul bouncing last week, it really should have been the boogie bots. in a fair, all is right kind of world, that's what should have happened. but the votes just didn't go that way. when ss left, unfortunately boogie became public enemy #1 and everyone hopped on the hater train. even the judges. it really was difficult to see the judges come down THAT hard on them tonight. even shane was borderline malicious, almost like he was taking his frustrations of not seeing ss in the final four out on the bots, which just isn't fair to them. yes, their routine wasn't clean, wasn't as solid as it should be, but damn, to get bashed so hard like that, you could just see their spirits being crushed right in front of you on tv - no crew deserves that.

and fuck lil mama. for real. her comments never have any merit. and there was no reason for her to call out the bots like she did last week. yeah it sucked that ss and super crew were in the bottom last week, but as a judge, you can't be calling out other crews like that in such a negative way, especially when they aren't even on stage! this needs to be her last season as a judge.

but back onto a positive note. vote for fanny pack. vote for super crew. can't wait for next week - all about the 80's!!!

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