July 16, 2008

I *heart* ABDC

it wasn't until earlier today when i was emailing back and forth with someone (during work - i'm such a slacker these days) that i realized just how obsessed i am with america's best dance crew. i can't even tell you how much i look forward to thursday nights at 10pm. i watch all the repeats of past episodes. i vote. i watch my fave routines again and again online (to date, some faves include: Supreme Soul's "touch", Super Crew's "we fly high", asiid's "whatever u like", and fanny pack's "touch my body"). i check mtv's blog for the show regularly (will post the link at end of this post). and of course, now i'm blogging about it here!

super bummed that i'll be missing tomorrow night's episode, especially since they're doing all janet jackson routines!  so exciting!  i'll actually be on a plane to vegas for my belated birthday celebration weekend during the time of the show.  so i guess i'm missing it for a worthy cause. haha!!  but i'll be looking for it on replay this weekend in between party times when chilling in the hotel room! :-)

here are just a couple of ABDC links for ya - 

Invisible Stripes (these guys are the local SF shop that produces all the gear that you see Supreme Soul rockin on stage)

will post more soon.  these are just the two i check most often.

oh and in case you're wondering, these are my top faves - 

fanny pack (loved them from the beginning!)
supreme soul (when their routines are nice and clean and smooth. again, referring back to that "touch" routine i love so much)
super crew (it's hard not to like these guys.  they're faves by default of association w/ the jabbawockeez!)

who do i want to win it all?  still unsure.  we'll just have to keep watching each week and see!

gotta pack. vegas here i come!

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