July 16, 2008

3 outfits in 2 hours?

finding 3 head to toe outfits for vegas in 2 hours? can it be done?

my friends........yes it can!

god love stonestown galleria, sf!

so check this out. i'm leaving for vegas tomorrow right? flight departs at 8:45pm and i still gots work all day, so i have zero time to get any sort of shopping done thur (yes, i always wait until the last minute, so sue me). the search for outfits actually began on sunday when shopping with my two fave gal pals as part of my bday brunch outing. which reminds me, i never posted about my bday did i? will have to come back to that later.

anyway, no luck on sunday, monday shopping was a bust (plans just fell through), and i found only casual outfits on tue when i hit up a few stores after work. so that leaves wed as my last and final day to find some fabulous ensemble to rock in sin city.

after a quick demo/intro/meeting with a potential dj instructor after work today (wow, i need to blog about that too! damn, hard to keep up!), i rushed over to stonestown to try and find something, anything, to wear.

1st stop - h&m
found a bunch of cute casual tops and one top that could work if i dress it up w/ jewelry. so i head to the jewelry section. jackpot. tons of necklaces. layered a few pieces over the top and voila. add my skinny black jeans, either ankle boots or heels and i'm done. outfit #1 complete.

stop #2 - express
i really didn't think i'd find anything here, but just had to check. after a brief convo with the fabulous worker who explained the sizing of the tops/dresses for the store (by far the most courteous and HELPFUL sales associate that i have ever dealt with), i just started grabbing stuff left and right. people, i never find anything at express. of the 6 pieces that i pulled. 3 fit just right and 1 was just a tad small but bearable. 4 out of 6! what are the odds! so i ended up buying 3 tops just because i loved how all of them fit and looked. add this to the h&m top and now i've got 1 more than i actually needed. which is perfect because you gotta have that backup just in case.

stop #3 - macy's
just because i had a half hour before the stores closed, i decided to hit up macy's just to see if they had any good shoes. this is actually the one area i was still lacking in choices. got the clothes, the jewelry, even the handbag/clutch. but just needed a pair of updated shoes. so i'm walking through the shoe department, nothing's catching my eye, until i hit the last table of nine west shoes. open toe, patent, two straps going across foot w/ another strap connecting the two, slip on, decent heel. i try on the display, which happens to be an 8.5, my size (i know, i have huge feet for my height). i look down at my feet and low and behold we have a winner! and they're on sale! what the hell? seriously, this all never happens to me! i head to the register, they ring me up, and i bust out my gift card to pay! wahoo!

so there you have it. my adventures in rush shopping. i'm so relieved now that i have my outfits squared away. i'll let you know how they all work out when i get to LV!

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rolsuno said...

are you taking a Dj class?