January 1, 2012


currently listening to: "fidelity" - regina spektor (via directv's awesome sonictap music channels)
weather outside: sunny but cold
outlook: optimistic - new year, new start
thoughts: too many to count
food log: leftovers
today's to do list: take down christmas decorations, do some cleaning and re-arranging around the house, finalize some school stuff
days to orientation: 6 days
now feeling: excited!
realization: deep down i'm still a nerd who likes to go to school
book to finish: breaking dawn
book to start after finishing above: hunger games
blog currently obsessed with: oh joy!
other sites obsessed with: pinterest, hellogiggles
tv obsession: new girl, 2 broke girls, real housewives of beverly hills, once upon a time, late night jimmy fallon, big bang theory
song now playing to close out this post: "bruised but not broken" - joss stone

happy new year y'all!

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