June 4, 2011

boyfriend of the day

(image via justjared)

ryan. gosling.

yes i know, he's been awarded BOTD honors many a times, but come on, are you really gonna argue with that picture?

the picture alone should be reason enough for you to join me in rushing to the cineplex on opening day of his latest movie "crazy stupid love." he plays the charming yet douchebaggy man about town who (kinda predictably) ends up falling in love. whatever, we all know i care less about the plot and am more concerned about exactly how many scenes our BOTD will appear shirtless. :)

watch the trailer, wipe the drool off your face, and thank me later:

by the way, love emma stone at the end of the trailer. "seriously?! it's like you're photoshopped!" you took the words right outta my mouth, girl.

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