May 31, 2011

may playlist

well since it's the last few minutes of the last day in may, i guess i should finally post my may playlist right? :) enjoy!


"my last" - big sean feat. chris brown (love chris brown's hook in this)
"why even try" - theophilus london feat sara quin (love sara quin's hook in this)
"price tag" - jessie j (ok ok i'm finally giving in. jessie j's arright.)
"i'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance" - black kids (ugh, soooo love singing and dancing around to this)
"somewhere only we know" - glee cast (one word: blaine)
"written in the stars" - tinie tempah (you can thank abdc for this one)
"you be killin em" - fabolous (the volume goes up in my car when this comes on)
"sure thing" - miguel (nice and smooth. love.)
"electric feel" - katy perry (great cover of the mgmt track)
"hackensack" - katy perry (a fave from her unplugged album)
"roll up" - wiz khalifa (guilty pleasure track)
"we r who we r" - ke$ha (dedicated to my lax girls - we played this during the slide show and it's just so them)
"friday" - glee cast (also dedicated to my lax girls. they made me kinda love this horrible horrible song)
"boyfriend" - big time rush feat. snoop dogg (super guilty pleasure song. actually, eff it, i love this cheesy pop song!)


sylvie said...

ok, so when i heard blaine sing "somewhere only we know," i got butterflies because i instantly thought of hawaii. :) LOVE this mix, cannot wait to download these for some summer road trips!

tiffanyblue said...

a tear rolled down my cheek as blaine sang this to kurt when he left dalton. not even lying :)

i desperately miss the north shore......