April 16, 2011

return of the playlist!


finally! after months and months of scouring the tangled interwebs i finally found a decent music site to create (and share) playlists.

i was so pissed when imeem got bought out by myspace. i had tons of playlists saved on there - artist faves, faves by month, songs by mood, etc, etc. myspace tried to transfer imeem users' playlists onto their site but shocker, they couldn't do it seamlessly. the only reason i kept my myspace account all this time was to access what little music i had left over from imeem. well no more! grooveshark in, myspace out.

so here we go. the return of my monthly playlist. enjoy!


1) take me away - keyshia cole
2) what you know - two door cinema club
3) not like the movies - katy perry
4) never gonna leave this bed - maroon 5
5) all of the lights - kanye west
6) look at me now - chris brown
7) marry me - train
8) asleep - emily browning
9) where is my mind - yoav
10) i follow rivers - lykke li

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