March 4, 2011

oscar fashion

and the awards season is finally dunzo. the 2011 academy awards have come and gone. i never really like watching the show itself. it moves along too slow, too formal of a presentation, lots of hollywood butt kissing. they need to add more music performances in between awards, just to jazz it up. or something.

i really didn't think anne hathaway and james franco were that bad. i think every year the hosts get slammed. people set the bar way too high for the hosting gig. in the moment, critics will always hate the host. but then someone seemingly crappier hosts the next year and then everyone goes, oh they should have brought back last year's host. it's a neverending cycle.

but anyway, enough dissecting of the show. let's get on with the fashion!
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1) gwyneth paltrow in calvin klein
hands down my favorite of the night. she just looked so young and fresh and beautiful. that dress was like liquid gold - it had this really great movement to it that you don't see too often in metallics. love.

2) hilary swank in gucci
the dress may not have fit her all that perfect on the top (should have been tailored better and fit tighter), but you can't deny how beautifully designed this entire dress is with the color choice, beading, feathers and of course that ombre! haha

3) celine dion in armani prive
my jaw dropped when i saw celine dion in this. so sleek, fit her like a glove, just amazing.

4) mila kunis in elie saab
i think this makes her 3 for 3 in my top faves from awards season! i was a little on the fence about this but after looking at more detailed shots, it really is a superb dress. plus she was the only one on the red carpet to go with lace and a light color. fantastic choice.

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