February 11, 2011

why i love coaching, part 1

i had a group of freshman girls start their tryouts yesterday. we already made the first cuts for the team last week, but since soccer and basketball seasons overlap with the start of lacrosse, we reserve additional spots for those girls to try out once their season ends.

so yesterday the frosh soccer girls came onto the field and they reminded me why i love coaching lacrosse so much. they had never picked up a lacrosse stick before that day, but by the end of practice they were catching, passing, and cradling. it wasn't perfect, they still dropped the ball from time to time. but it was amazing to see their progress and their eagerness and willingness to learn. but what made yesterday stick out so much for me was after practice, i overheard them talking and saying that this was the funnest sport they've ever played. (i don't think funnest is a word, but that's okay, they're freshman, they're still learning. haha!)

i don't wanna be all corny and say, oh hearing that made me feel all warm inside, i almost cried. let's not be too dramatic. BUT their comment did resonate with me a little just because it was a reminder of why i'm coaching again and why i decided to coach here. i love lacrosse. i loved every second i played on the field. i loved all the teams i coached (errr, almost all). but what i love most is passing on the skills and love for this sport to other kids and seeing them get as excited about playing as i was/am.

it's still early on into the season and i'm sure there will be moments when these kids will drive me insane and i'll question my reasons for coaching again. but when that time comes, hopefully i'll remember to come back to this post to slap some sense into me.

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