February 3, 2011

boyfriend of the day

stephen. dorff.
every gal loves a bad boy, and mr. stephen dorff definitely fits the bill. the dirty things i'd..... ok i'll stop myself right there. :) i've been dying to watch the movie "somewhere" - sofia coppola, stephen dorff, chateau marmont, the hollywood glitz and not always glamourous life on an actor. what's not to love?

there's more than meets the eye when it comes to our leading man. check out a few of his latest interviews here and here. but i'm sure you'll enjoy these pictures more.

(images via justjared.com and vman magazine)

(images via t magazine)

oh and can i give a shout out to his appearance in britney spears' "everytime" video?! LOVED him in this too. :)


reegsta said...

who the eff wears a topcoat with anything on underneath.

tiffanyblue said...

the man likes to be shirtless. i have no complaints.