November 9, 2009

OMFG of the day

(via nymag's the fug girls and

omfg james franco is going to be on general hospital?!?!!!!

i....i......i have no words for this for i am far too excited!

yall, general hospital is my all time favorite soap ever! luke and laura. the karen-jagger-brenda love triangle. frisco and felicia. the crazy quartermaines. stone and robin. robin and jason. omg i could go on forever! the peak of my obsession was during junior high and high school, especially during the summer months. i have no idea what the crazy plotlines are like these days but i'm sure, as with all soaps, all it takes is a week and you're just about up to speed because you realize most of the storylines from like 5 years ago never wrapped up anyway!

so who is james franco going to play? i don't even know what families are still living in port charles and who he could possibly be tied to. but if his wardrobe in the above pic is any indication of things to come, he's probably gonna be tied to sonny corinthos in some way. and i LOVE it!

november 20 is the big debut. i am setting my DVR right now!

port charles, i'm back!

p.s. thank you fug girls for this most awesomest tip ever!

p.p.s. i just went onto abc's GH site and discovered that jonathan jackson, the ORIGINAL lucky specer (!!!!!) is back on the show too?!! OMG this just keeps getting better and better!

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