November 17, 2009

november playlist

november 2009

another month, another playlist! i love putting these together. so what's on the bill for november?

got 3 lady gaga tunes - her newest single bad romance (have ya seen the vid? craziness.) along with 2 acoustic bits. i was going through my dvr over the weekend and watched the snl episode with hottie boy ryan reynolds hosting and lady gaga performing. OMG she had this amazing set on the piano and i just had to go find more like it. PS is it still called an acoustic number if it's a piano solo? for some reason that sounds odd to me because i only associate acoustic with guitar. whatevs, random thought.

of course i had to include some teeny bopper faves - justin bieber and taylor swift. i'm mildly obsessed with white horse by tay-swift. beautiful song. this gal keeps surprising me with her range of songs. then there's justin bieber, who is what, 14 or something. he is so our new jesse mccartney (with a dash of ryan sheckler) and i love it! some great pop tunes coming from this kid.

russian roulette - gotta show rihanna some love. sucks that i keep thinking of audrina and justin bobby whenever i hear this song because the producers used this at the end of a hills episode, after yet another falling out between the two sorta love birds. ugh, enough of their storyline already!

manhattan by mozella - had to include this after i heard it on the city last week.

i kissed a girl, from katy perry's unplugged album. love how she re-worked this song.

whatever you like - anya marina. i already talked about this song and its utter brilliance in a previous post, so no need to go on further

mariah's cover of i wanna know what love is. just because it's mariah and you can never go wrong with her covering an oldie slow jam!

the trey songz and david guetta tracks are pure guilty pleasures, even more so than the teeny bopper songs! the trey songz one is so bad but you just can't deny how smooth his voice sounds over the hook. "girl when i get you to the crib, upstairs to the bed, girl you gon' think......." i wish ray j did the song just so i would NOT like it, because ray j's voice ain't nothing compare to trey songz.

then there's david guetta tryin to describe this girl without being disrespectful, but calls her a sexy bitch anyway. i shouldn't like this but i do! it's got that slight electro influence mixed with that club beat. so good!

the last few tracks are some staples that are usually on constant rotation on my itunes, imeem, etc - amanda blank, santigold, and the gossip. listen to the gossip track and you'll see why i love this group so much. heavy cross embodies why beth ditto and this group are so effing amazing.

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reegsta said...

woohoo ne-yo penned another ri-ri hit.

i'm back. kinda.