August 28, 2009


the marquee of the roxy theatre in west hollywood
*courtesy of perezhilton


in honor of DJ AM, tonight i am dancing like nobody's watching to one of many favorite mixes of his. truly a talented dj. i still believe he is the one who sparked the fusion and craze of mixing hip hop songs/beats with just about any and every genre in the clubs - rock, pop, oldies, you name it. now it's the norm in most clubs, but just 5 years ago most dj's kept it strictly top 40 hip hop! it was always a GREAT party when he was behind the decks.

i still remember the exact day i first heard DJ AM spin. it was august of 2004 in vegas. he was playing at a pool party at the palms (before summertime pool parties became the norm in town). i was lounging by the pool, enjoying the scene and the tunes when all of a sudden i hear that whistling song from kill bill play over the speakers (the one that plays in the background when daryll hannah's character is walking through the hospital, disguised as a nurse and she's about to kill uma thurman. yeah that one). then i hear the beat from michael jackson's "billie jean" looped in over the whistle. it was all over after that. obsessed. i was like, who the fuck is this dj'ing right now!!! i was blown away. after that it was more hip hop mixed with party rock songs and an indie tune here and there and i was on cloud 9. sigh....such a great music moment.

i can't tell you how many new artists i started listening to because of his mixtapes. lykke li. MIA. the gossip. uffie. just to name a few. DJ AM was like my music ambassador! i just loved how eclectic his music taste was and it showed on every single one of his mixes.

seriously, as someone who loves music as much as i do, this death hurts just as bad as mj's did a few months ago!

for some reason i hate writing RIP and then the person's name after. it just feels too morbid. so instead i shall say, i hope you're at peace now. our thoughts and prayers and love go out to you, your family and your friends. oh and one more thing.........thank you.

dj am from lesley on Vimeo.


WARNING: turn your speakers down a little - the vid starts off loud and crazy!

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