April 1, 2009

topshop *hearts* NY (FINALLY!)

after months and months of delay after delay, the big day has finally come - topshop opens its doors to the us of a in good ol nyc! HOORAY!! the popular london-based shop where you can find all things trend-right at a mid to (semi) high price range (prices go up but quality much better than h&m) will finally open up to the public starting tomorrow, april 2nd.

and in honor of tomorrow's opening day, i give you a sneak peek at the inside of the store (much bigger than i expected!) courtesy of nymag.com.

not sure when i'll be heading to nyc again, but you best believe this will be the very FIRST place that i set foot in to when i get there! and of course, if you can't get yourself to nyc then you can always shop on their website - topshop.com.

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