April 7, 2009

graphic of the day

*artwork courtesy of orkposters.com

i love maps. seriously. could spend hours staring at one. especially love those uber detailed city maps - figuring out where everything is, how to get from one place to another, etc. so imagine my excitement when i found this here map, detailing all the neighborhoods of our beloved san francisco.

i first saw it in the office of one of the marketing directors on my floor. he had no idea where it was from because it was given to him as a gift. then i saw it as the background of @rubyxcube's twitter page. so i sent a twitter out and low and behold @che3 knew exactly where it was from! twitter saves the day once again. :-)

you can purchase this one as is or in different color combos on ork posters' site. there are other cities available too.

happy map staring! :-)


sb said...

you know me and maps......equally obsessed. i love this! this would be such a cool tee!
thanks t....and twitter!

Phillip said...

It is such a good tee. I would totally get it!