February 18, 2009

go electro!

whoa. the music world is a-changing, bit by bit.
saw a feature last night on e!'s daily ten on [hypercrush].
and now today mtv buzzworthy just featured an interview with [lmfao]. read it here.

want a nice little intro into all this indie/electro pop? go watch that 100 dances vimeo again and peep the playlist. like i said yesterday, that ish was on point. he must be a frequent attendee of popscene. :-)

go electro!

on the not so electro but semi-influenced tip - 
- recently had convo's with 2 more hip hop heads suddenly interested in lykke li. crazy.
- and what's this i hear of santogold changing her name to santigold? because of a wrestler?
- and i was at barnes & noble today (still on a desperate quest to find the current EW/twilight issue!) and started reading nylon guys. pharrell was on the cover so i just had to pick it up. so intrigued by him. love the guy's style. anyhoo, was totally trippin because they had an interview with n.a.s.a.!!! those guys are gonna blow up! if you haven't done so already, you need to listen to their playlists on imeem.

wow, went link crazy on this post.  how about two more? if you wanna branch out of your comfort zone / comfort genres and try on some new music, check these out - 


a must. amazing stuff.

anyone down for an amoeba run this weekend?

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