February 26, 2009

concert review: ne-yo

never got around to writing up this review (read: too lazy), but thankfully le reegsta has returned and penned it today. so i'll just have him tell you all about it. :-)

although, he did leave out the pre-show festivities, which is probably a good thing because i'm pretty sure i was acting a fool. all i remember was not understanding a question about my recent music purchases. :-)

oh and i believe these were the highlight songs for each person in attendance (feel free to correct me, guys) - 
rolsuno - because of you (winner!)
michelle - let me love you
moi - boyfriend and take a bow (i was singing these at the top of my lungs!)
g.i. - miss independent
reeg - track 8 from yr of the gentleman (although since his fave ne-yo song is apparently sexy love, that was probably a highlight too)


reegsta said...

nope...my fav is can we chill! but track 8 is my fav off that particular album.

that review sucks.

tiffanyblue said...

admittedly not my finest hour of blogging.
and no matter how many times i hear you state 'can we chill' is your fave neyo song, i still can't remember! haha