February 9, 2009

best. grammy's. ever.

thank you grammy's for reinvigorating my love for music!

i am seriously spent after watching last night's show! i don't remember the grammy's ever having such a stellar lineup of performers quite like this. and i'm not sure if it's because i just paid a lot closer attention to the artists of this past year or what, but this was like mtv vma caliber with their list of performers and collaborations.

i just about died during the show. cause of death - overexcited convulsions at the news of blink 182 reunited (and it feels so good!). i lost my mind when i saw mark, tom and travis standing there together on stage and then just about had a seizure when mark announced that they're working on new music again. i truly truly believed that they just weren't getting back together to produce new music and go on tour again, due to all the drama between mark/tom and with all three of them making their own music with their respective bands. but never say never i guess! and i am seriously the happiest girl in the world right now!

so who wants to go down to san diego to see them this summer!!!!! i imagine they'd kick things off in sd and that will definitely be the show of all shows. i can't wait!

let's move on to some of the performances of the evening:
justin/al green/boyz II men
- i love ya justin, but i would've much rather seen more b2m on stage than jt, especially since he'd be performing again later with my hottie bf t.i. :-)
- so remember what i said during the inauguration ball about the world being a better place whenever stevie wonder performed? well same goes for al green and "let's stay together." that song just puts us all in a better place, don't it?
coldplay x jigga?
sick!! totally reminded me of jay z's mtv unplugged performance years back. i need to bust out that cd again. and someone tell me what that coldplay song was in the opening! and tell me when you're going to see them in concert because i'd love to catch these guys live.
carrie underwood
this girl has blown up like crazy into this country super super superstar. what a great performer she turned out to be - totally commands your attention like no one i've seen before. way to go american idol!
miley cyrus/taylor swift
i am by no means a taylor swift fan (she a jo bro hater), but performing alongside miley cyrus, there's just no denying that taylor is the more talented singer. i wasn't feeling miley's vocals at all, but i can't hate on the gal too much though - i do love me some hannah montana episodes! haha! and since when have these two been bff's? what happened to mandy?
jonas brothers/stevie wonder
i ain't gonna lie. i got a little overexcited when the jonas boys took the stage. there's just something about these 3. they're so fun! and they sounded great with stevie wonder, the now unofficial 4th jonas. but did i catch little nicky jonas flub up his lines for superstitious? oops! i think i do need to pick up their album now. i've been denying myself for too long. :-) don't hate.
m.i.a./kanye/jay-z/t.i./lil wayne
first of all, m.i.a. was full on preggers during the performance and was supposed to be due that day! i have never ever seen a performer do that before. but she went all out on stage like she wasn't even carrying a full term baby in her belly. absolutely nuts! all these guys tore it up on stage, as expected. easily my fave of the evening. t.i. was his usual blazin hotness. and somebody please tell me what is going on with kanye's hair these days?!
hands down, has one of the most amazing voices i've ever heard. i need to add her to my (ever growing) list of artists to see live
smokey/ne-yo/jamie foxx
say what? dude who wasn't on stage tonight?!! and they performed another oldie fave of mine, "i can't help myself"
neil diamond
you can't hate on the diamond and his sweet caroline. don't even front - you were singing along with him too weren't you. that makes three oldie but goodie songs tonight. first al green, then the four tops and we round things off with some neil diamond. heaven.
stevie wonder
i think there should be some kind of mandate on all major televised awards shows that stevie wonder is the only artist allowed to close out a show. period. done.

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come with me to coldplay! it'll be an early bday celebration for you!