February 9, 2009

4 goals

i got 4 simple goals for the week. 
hoping to accomplish these by next sunday. 
and i'm hoping by posting these here i'll be a little more motivated to get it done. 
you, my dear readers, will help keep me accountable for the things i say and do. :-)

1) catch up on all my blog posts
2) finish breaking dawn
3) catch up on gossip girl
4) catch up on one tree hill

i've said for the last month (or two.....or three) that i'd get these things done, but i keep putting them off and using work as my excuse. not that these are the most important things in the whole wide world to get done, but they're still things i keep saying i'll do but don't. and i'm trying to break that habit of mine - not following through. 

work has calmed down a little, so i think i can do this.

wish me luck.  :-)

and good night,


1 comment:

sb said...

mantras of 2009....

1. work-life balance
2. we just make clothes! (this will help encourage the work-life balance bit)

you can do it, tiffy :)