January 20, 2009

a new day

currently watching: the neighborhood ball

happy inauguration day! what a day it's been. are you feeling inspired and all proud to be an american? well you should be! :-) it will certainly be a while before we see any real change in our country, but at least we're on the right track. 
some blips and random thoughts as i take in the neighborhood ball.....
- got a little teary-eyed during mariah's performance of "hero." that songs gets me almost every time, especially when she's actually performing it. p.s. somebody tell me why mariah's little booboo nick cannon is hosting this evening?!! can't stand that guy.
- the obama's look great don't they? this is the 1st of 10 inaugural balls they need to hit up! dang! and how cute were they dancing to "at last." 
- signed sealed delivered - there were like 50 people on stage performing when seriously all we really needed was stevie wonder!
- oooh, not feelin the weezer hipster glasses on jay-z. kanye call pull em off, but not jigga man.
- anti-gravity? what the eff is this? i smell a new dance troup for abdc season 4!!!
- ok seriously, doesn't the world seem like a better place when you listen to stevie wonder perform, especially when he busts out that harmonica! it's like life is one big happy montage or something! haha! 
- joe biden is gonna be the best v.p. ever, if only for the fact that sometimes he just acts like that wacky but funny uncle of yours. and who knew dr. jill biden had such style! she looked great too!

tomorrow be on the look out for oprah's post inauguration show (which i'll have to record or watch online somehow) and then of course there's the daily show, which is a must watch for me when these kind of events go down. i don't know what jon stewart's gonna be pickin on obama for (when he had oh so many bush jokes in his arsenal), but i'm sure he'll think of something.

good night america!

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reegsta said...

yeah, i wasn't feelin them specs either. and i don't think kanye could pull them off either