January 7, 2009

music vids of the day

"lucky" - jason mraz ft. colbie caillat

jason mraz is such a cutie patootie ain't he. not sure i get this video though. why is she all up in the ocean and he's roaming around the streets of europe (?). not a single scene together. oh who cares. they're cute. the song's cute. what a great pairing these two are.

"thinking of you" - katy perry

love the little nod to the notebook in the beginning!! katy perry's so vintage throwback isn't she! gotta love that she can pull off these old school pinup styles. this video totally made me tear up a little towards the end. :-) 


rolsuno said...

im hella feeling her..and i want to feel her!

tiffanyblue said...

who? katy or colbie?